Workshop 9



  1. Let’s Run this Thing with Kim Porter
  2. The Gift of Your Work with Duane Daniels

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Let’s Run this Thing:

Teacher: Kim Porter

You’ll hop up on your feet and run your whole new piece integrating all the skills you’ve learned along the way. If you’ve written a play, here will be your chance to hear your actors read it aloud. If you have a vision for technical support (music, sound, props, etc…) this will be our chance to plan and brainstorm for the show. And of course, supportive feedback will follow.

The Gift of Your Work:

Teacher: Duane Daniels

This session focuses on how to give your performance as a “gift” to your audience. Duane will watch your work with the eye of a director and acting coach and give feedback designed to make it an impactful experience and help you develop so that your performance is as powerful as it can be. This session will also be helpful in getting any nervousness under control.